Month: October 2020

Where to see the leaves change

Beautiful red and green maple leaf on tree in autumn season

If you are looking for the perfect place to observe the fall colors in full bloom, northern New England’s mountain region is an excellent spot to visit.

Autumn leaves have a special significance in many Native American cultures and are a significant part of many Native ceremonies. Fall foliage provides a unique environment to observe autumn, with many wonderful hiking and biking trails available.

Fall foliage begins to appear before Thanksgiving, though it can happen as early as late September. The leaves start to turn with stunning colors, though they will continue to change colors as the weather warms up.

Most fall foliage is visible from late October to early November, although the fall colors do not last long in the mountains. There are many things to keep in mind if you plan on visiting the mountains in the fall.

Kancamagus National Park Hiking Trail

The fall foliage is a beautiful time and can provide many excellent hiking and biking trails. There are numerous hiking trails throughout the state that run through state parks, but one of the best is the Kancamagus National Park Hiking Trail.

For hikers, this is a hiker’s dream come true! Kancamagus is one of the most popular hiking destinations in New Hampshire and offers many hiking trails throughout the area. This is also a popular destination for bird watching, and several species of birds are easily seen in fall foliage.

Northern Maine

Another good place to see the fall foliage is in the northern part of Maine. This is a popular hiking destination in Maine, and there are several hiking trails available. In addition to hiking, the Maine coast can be enjoyed during the spring and summer as well. Several different types of wildflowers bloom in the fall, making it an excellent time to enjoy this region. While the Maine coast may not be the most popular hiking destination, many hiking trails are available, and many of them are located in state parks or forests.

Fall foliage is a special time for many Americans and is a fun and fascinating part of fall. Many areas of the country can offer an exciting time to visit, especially those close to the fall foliage season. Many hikers and bikers can visit these places when they head out on a hike, bike, or ski trip. For those interested in the fall foliage, these places offer a unique opportunity to see some of nature at its most beautiful.…