so much to see in Guilin, Guangxi

Guilin, Guangxi is one of the most beautiful cities in south China, with its picturesque scenery of limestone Karst Mountains.

At its heart are two lakes, Shilong (Shaoli) and Yuanzheng (Yuanze), which have stood for centuries as a protective moat surrounding the city. The city is divided into three districts: the northern region, south-eastern region, and central region. Boats frequently travel on the Huangshan River, a tributary of the Shili River and other waterways through connected rivers.

Pagoda Temples

At the north of Guilin, on Shilong Lake, are the largest Pagoda temples in Asia. The Sun and Moon Pagoda, situated near Xian County, has two peaks on the west with pillars supporting its lofty roof. At the bottom of the mountain is the Huangshan River that provides access to the lake. Other interesting places are the Sunflower Pagoda and Huangshan Temple, where Buddha statues can be seen.

Yuanze Lake

On the south-eastern part of Guilin, Yuanze Lake is located. Here, you can see the Yangshuo River that flows through this lake. The river is very clean and is free from debris, making it ideal for sailing or canoeing. Several temples also dot the area. Among them are the Jiaoli Pagoda, Feng Shui Pagoda, Sun Gate, and the Shili River Bridge.

Chinese Cuisine

Guilin, Ganzi, and the cities of Nanping and Lanzhou are famous for their traditional Chinese food. The city of Nanping is best known for its southern region’s cuisine, and the Huangshan River is home to some of the most famous Cantonese dishes in the area.

For authentic Chinese food, you can try the Huangshan River Cauldron and Wangren Fish Cake. There are several historical sights in Guilin, Ganzi, including the Baoding Gate, Dali Temple, Nanping Ancient Town, Jiazhou Gate, and the Xintang River. The Baoding Gate has been converted into a museum, while the ancient town is home to the Bilingao Monastery. In addition to traditional Chinese culture, you will find a host of other things to do, such as taking in the breathtaking views at the Nanping Ancient City, taking an archaeological tour in the Xintang River, enjoying a ride on a raft in the Huangshan River or merely enjoying the view from a comfortable bed at a hotel. Tourists who wish to relax can enjoy the local attractions like fishing, sightseeing, mountain biking, horseback riding, swimming, or cycling.

Chinese History

The Guilin region has long been famous for its history, particularly regarding the Silk Road, and its ties to ancient Chinese history and its famous Buddhist monasteries. The area is also renowned for traditional Chinese medicine and its association with the city’s medical history. To enjoy the city’s historical sites, take a guided tour of the local villages of Fengshui Pagoda and Nanping, the Great Wall of China, and Huangshan River Bridge, a UNESCO World Heritage site. There are also museums of Chinese culture in Fengshui Pagoda, including the Huangshan Buddha Statue and the Nanping Museum.